Friday, November 16, 2007

Red October remembered in London

NEW COMMUNIST Party members, supporters and friends gathered in London last Saturday evening to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Great October Revolution in Russia.
Among the friends who came to say a few words and join in the festivities were Len Aldis of the British-Vietnam Friendship Association and Explo Nani Kofi of the African Liberation Support Campaign (ALISC).
They both spoke of the inspiration that the Great October Revolution had given to people in struggle all around the world – that oppressed workers had not only been able to overthrow a mighty imperialist empire but were then able to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat and start building socialism.
In doing so they turned an economically backward country, barely emerging from feudalism in some parts, into a world power.
NCP general secretary Andy Brooks said that perhaps the most important achievement of the Soviet Union was the leading role it played in the smashing of Hitler fascism. It then went on to challenge the rapacious greed of the western imperialist powers for their super exploitation of the developing countries.
NCP chair Alex Kempshall presented veteran comrade Alan Rogers with a bust of Lenin to mark the enormous contribution he has made to the party at all levels over many years.
Alan, many years ago, was in the Labour Party and then the Communist Party of Great Britain. Then he and Ann Rogers joined the Southall branch of the New Communist Party. They have both worked had in their district and on the Central Committee – and have also been active in CND.
Most recently Alan has been one of the treasured team of pensioner volunteers who keep the New Worker functioning in the sales and distribution department. Alan has been in charge of the subscription department but age and failing health have forced him to retire from this and the NCP decided to mark his retirement with a presentation. He was also called on to cut the 90th anniversary birthday cake.
A group of pro-Nkrumah young people dropped in for food and discussion and many other friends and supporters from different corners of the world came by.
The excellent food was supplied by NCP members and supporters and a collection raised £528 for the New Worker.
photo: Alan Rogers receives a bust of Lenin


Peter said...

I was so surpised to see that there is a New Communist Party in GB!!! Only in a country never affected by this unhumane ideology which killed and degraded lives of more people in the world than all other regimes combined, there can exist a communist country. Poor fools...
And I'm taking from experience, not from books in a cousy armchair.

Peter said...

communist party... not country