Sunday, July 04, 2021

Farewell to Alan

Remembering a great comrades
by New Worker correspondent

Alan Rogers’ funeral took place at Ipswich Crematorium on Wednesday 23rd June. A beautiful floral display of bright red roses adorned his coffin, symbolising his life-long dedication to the cause of socialism. The Humanist ceremony included tributes from his family and friends. His long-standing comrade and friend Pat Abraham sent her own moving tribute that was read during the ceremony. Alan's granddaughter read one of his favourite poems: Invocation by PB Shelley.
    Following the ceremony Alan's friends, family and comrades gathered at his daughter Helen's home to celebrate the life of a much-respected comrade. Those present shared their reminisces of a man they all respected.
    John Maryon represented the New Communist Party. He spoke about the immense contribution that Alan had made to the class struggle and highlighted his ability to make a quick, razor-sharp analysis of events whilst always being positive and optimistic. John referred to Alan's wife Ann, who passed away in 2019, who had been a lovely comrade and a former editor of the {New Worker}. The two had formed a powerful team that worked together to campaign for peace, oppose racism and fight for workers’ rights.
    Alan never wavered in his commitment to socialism, and he lived a full life with purpose. He fought for the underdog, the under paid, the disadvantaged and all those exploited under capitalism. Alan was a good man, a loyal comrade and a true friend. We will all miss him.

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