Friday, April 21, 2017

Tall Ships to London!

By New Worker correspondent

Londoners had a chance to see the Nao Victoria  and many other sailing ships at the Greenwich Tall Ships Festival 2017 last weekend. The Nao Victoria is a carrack, a replica of  the ship which became the first vessel to successfully circumnavigate the globe in 1522 as part of  Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition.
The Nao Victoria replica was built in 1992 and it has sailed around the world acting as a self-contained museum where visitors can learn more about the era of the explorers.
 The festival over the Easter holiday gave Londoners the chance to see and even board nearly 30 Tall Ships taking part in the regatta. The spectacle followed the tremendous success of the Tall Ships Festival 2014 and it was London’s largest event over the Easter period.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Spring Seminar at the Centre

By New Worker correspondent

Comrades spent last weekend looking at contemporary issues at the New Communist Party’s national weekend school at the Party Centre in London. Comrades from London, Southampton, Bristol, Llandudno and East Kilbride discussed the Juche idea, imperialism, and the role of bourgeois historians in three sessions chaired by Alex Kempshall and opened by Andy Brooks, Dermot Hudson and Ray Jones.
During the final day round-up session everyone said that there was a need for more seminars at a local and national level to help build the Party and the readership of the New Worker, our flagship paper.
It naturally ended with a collection, led by Daphne Liddle, for the New Worker fighting fund, which raised £67.50 for our communist weekly.