Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Defeat the BNP in Dagenham

Goresbrook, Dagenham by-election 23 June 2005
Anti-BNP campaign activities

The BNP is fighting to retain its only council seat in London in a by-election caused by the resignation of Dan Kelley, 11 days after the BNP’s failure at the general election. Barking and Dagenham Together is mounting an active campaign to ensure that the residents of Goresbrook will not be failed again by the BNP.

Kelley won the seat with 51 per cent of the vote last September but, confronted by a well organised and ongoing community campaign against his party, he threw in the towel citing ill health. In his short term of office he distinguished himself only for telling a journalist that he hadn’t got a clue about what he was doing. “There’s meetings that go right over my head and there’s little point in me being there,” he said. “I’m wasting my time.”

The BNP’s new candidate will be Lawrence Rustem, a man notoriously disliked and distrusted by his fellow party members, because he is a half Turkish Muslim. Nevertheless he polled high percentages in by-elections in Village and Valence wards, Dagenham, last year. His campaign in Village ward used leaflets full of lies in a bid to stoke up fear and resentment in the community.

A failure by the BNP to retain Goresbrook would represent a major blow to the party’s plans to fight most of the seats on Barking and Dagenham council next May and any other by-elections that come up across London.

This by-election is very important and we need the help of as many people as possible. Please pass this notice on to all your contacts.

Saturday 4 June and Saturday 18 June
Mass leaflet distribution, from 10.30am

Tuesday 21 June
Targeted distribution of election material, from 6.00pm

Meet at The Labour Hall, Junction of Tenterden Road and Green Lane, Dagenham.
(nearest stations Dagenham Heathway and Chadwell Heath,
buses 5, 87, 103, 150, 173, 175 pass nearby)

Please bring cars wherever possible (especially on 21 June) for transport to designated streets in the ward.