Monday, July 24, 2006

Menezes family continue fight for justice

THE CROWN Prosecution Service last week ruled that there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against any police officers involved in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes last July. Instead they decided to prosecute the Metropolitan Police under health and safety laws.
But the family of the young Brazilian, mistaken for a terrorist suspect, who was shot and killed on a Tube train at Stockwell Underground Station on 22nd July 2005, say they will continue to campaign for those involved to be brought to justice. unbelievable
Alex Pereira, a cousin of Jean de Menezes, said the CPS decision was “completely unbelievable”. He talked about the decision with Menezes’ family in Brazil.
“They are shocked about the decision,” he said. “They are completely disappointed about what they heard this morning.”
Another cousin, Patricia da Silva Armani, who lived in London with Menezes, said: “I am very disappointed. I was expecting a negative reply and it is shameful. My cousin was shot; they took his life inside an Underground station. “The authorities, in reality they did not have any shame. I feel sickened by that.”
London mayor Ken Livingstone commented: “Health and safety legislation was simply not drawn up to deal with policing a city facing the terrorist threat of 7th July.
“And it makes absolutely no sense to apply such legislation in the case of such an extreme situation.” got stuck
Meanwhile new evidence has emerged that the police unit involved in the shooting stopped for petrol on their way to Stockwell Tube station and then got stuck in heavy traffic as they were supposed to be following a terrorist suspect travelling by bus towards the station.
The delay led to these officers arriving too late at the station to stop Menezes boarding a train. Since they believed at the time that he was an Arab suicide bomber, they felt they had no option but to resort to a shoot-to-kill policy. The Menezes family is now considering their next step forward in their fight for justice.