Thursday, November 23, 2006

Workers thank Arsenal

THE REMPLOY Consortium of trade unions today thanked Arsenal Football Club and its supporters for their help in saving the jobs of disabled workers at the Holloway Remploy factory. The recent demonstration held by the disabled workers outside the new Arsenal stadium brought a change of mind from the company which has now committed to maintain the employment of the Remploy workers in Holloway.
The Remploy Consortium of trade unions has accepted the company’s assurance that they will rent a new factory equal to the size of the present Holloway site which will enable the disabled workers to be gainfully employed for now and the immediate future.
The old Remploy factory was sold under a compulsory purchase and will be demolished by March 2007. Remploy will rent a rent a local factory and equip it so that the needs of their disabled workers are met in time for the transfer for one site to the other without any lose of pay to the employees.