Thursday, March 15, 2007

Karl Marx celebrated

KARL MARX was remembered by comrades and friends at the NCP’s London Centre last Saturday at a reception to mark the 124th anniversary of the passing of the founder of scientific socialism.

The main meeting room and the print shop were transformed for the bar and buffet and during the formal part of the celebrations friends from all over the world joined with the NCP to pay tribute to the memory of Karl Marx.

Comrade Jong In Song from the Democratic Korean embassy in London spoke of the contribution Marx made to the world struggle for freedom together with Judith Amanthis of the African Liberation Support Campaign Network (ALISC); Prof Mohammed Arif of the British Afro-Asian Solidarity Organisation and Ella Rule for Friends of Korea.
Marx’s role in the communist movement was high-lighted by Michael Chant of the RCPB(ML) and Harpal Brar of the CPGB (ML) and NCP leader Andy Brooks recalled Marx’s work in London; the tremendous contribution of the Soviet Union in war and peace during the 20th century and stressed that the 21st would certainly be the era of socialism.

No NCP event goes by without mentioning the work of the New Worker and Dolly Shaer from the Politburo spoke graphically about the struggle to ensure it comes out every week. The comrades responded by raising £392 for the fighting fund. Most comrades departed at 10.30 but some were determined to burn the midnight oil until the bar finally closed at 12.45!
photo: Comrade Jong In Song in praise of Marx