Thursday, November 01, 2007

NCP weekend school in London

NEW COMMUNIST Party members, friends and supporters last weekend attended a school at Party Centre in London to discuss fascism, the state, developments in Latin America and the effects of neo-colonialism in Africa. All the sessions were chaired by NCP general secretary Andy Brooks. Neil Harris on Saturday morning gave an opening, full of detailed facts and figures, of the class and economic forces behind fascism.
In the afternoon Daphne Liddle gave an account of the nature of the state machine in class society and traced the development of the state in Britain, especially from 1668 onwards.
On the Sunday morning Theo Russell spoke on the progressive developments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and the rest of the South American continent and new left-wing governments defying the military and economic power of the United States.
And on the Sunday afternoon Explo Nani Kofi of the African Liberation and Solidarity Campaign spoke on the way in which neo-colonialism subverts and corrupts governments on that continent – and how the western media gives a distorted and partial picture of what is happening.
Each opening was followed by high level debate.

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