Sunday, May 24, 2009

Protesters may sue the Met

A GROUP of climate camp protesters who claim they suffered from violent police tactics during the G20 protests near the Bank of England are considering taking legal action against Scotland Yard.
Lawyers acting for the group have put the Metropolitan police on notice that they may launch a Judicial Review of the tactics used to contain demonstrations.
Activists who staged the Bishopsgate climate camp want an explanation of how the Metropolitan Police handled the controversial City of London events last month.
New pictures have added to the wealth of photos taken by demonstrators already published. They show one officer using his shield to hit out at demonstrators, who are sitting in the middle of the road. Another officer is seen apparently hitting out with his fist.
The climate campaigners' legal representatives are also demanding that senior officers provide a legal basis for the practice known as "kettling", where protesters are corralled into tight groups for extended periods of time.

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