Monday, March 15, 2010

Cuba through an artist's eye

By New Worker correspondent

WE SAW another glimpse of Cuba through the eyes of famed Cuban photographer Alejandro Gortazar when a new collection of 50 images of the island and its people was launched in London’s Bolivar Hall last week. Alejandro’s eye captures light, people and nature and freezes it with his lens to provide a unique glimpse of life on the revolutionary island and he’s won critical acclaim following his first exhibition in London last November.
The Cuban photographer, who now divides his time between London and Havana, unveiled his collection last Tuesday in the presence of the Cuban ambassador and friends of the socialist island. The exhibition, supported by Unison, the Cuban embassy and Havana Club Rum, will now tour the country.
At the launch, Cuban ambassador RenĂ© Mujica Cantelar paid tribute to Gortazar’s ability to capture the light and spirit of life in Cuba. He said that the photos captured the essence of the Cuban people, seeing them live and work so positively, despite living under the 50 year old blockade.
The exhibition, supported by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Unison, the Cuban embassy, OH Parsons Solicitors and Havana Club Rum, will now tour the country.
photo: Alejandro Gortazar and his wife Maria at the launch

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