Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Defending the Right to Protest

By New Worker correspondent

Demonstrators turned up outside Westminster Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday in solidarity with the UK Uncut activists who have been charged with “aggravated trespass” following their occupation of Fortnum & Mason’s store in Oxford Street during the big union march through London in March. The activists peacefully occupied the luxury West End store to highlight the owner’s tax avoidance schemes. They were told by the police that they would not be charged if they left quietly but 139 were arrested after they left the building.
At the hearing on 5th July their supporters were again threatened with arrest if they waved banners or started chanting by police who claimed that it was “unlawful” as they had not received 49 hours notice of the demonstration. Some taped their mouths in defiance but Labour MP John McDonnell, the leader of the Labour Representation Committee, reasoned with the police and the demo went ahead anyway without incident.

photo: John McDonnell at the picket

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Anonymous said...

Daft people. What part of trespassing do you not understand? Protest is one thing, but you can't walk into someone's property and do what you want.

I bet 100% of these tools lock their door at night.