Thursday, October 13, 2011

EDL defied in Downing Street

 by New Worker correspondent

THE ISLAMPOHOBIC English Defence League last Saturday organised its women’s section, known as its “Angels” to present a petition to Downing Street calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to retract the remark he made when he described the EDL as “the sickest of all”.
 Around 50 EDL women and double that number of EDL men gathered in and around the Red Lion in Whitehall – but so did a counter demonstration organised by Unite Against Fascism and that outnumbered the EDL about three-to-one.
 A handful of the EDL women were allowed into Downing Street to present the petition – but not their chief organiser – she had forgotten to bring proof of identity.
 The petition attracted 780 signatures on the web site (though at least one person signed it five times and a quite a few including “Adolf Hitler” and “Eva Braun” are clearly spoofs).
 After presenting the petition the EDL supporters moved off to a brief rally outside the headquarters of the Liberal Democrat Party.
 One group of women taking part in the counter-demonstration told me that they had been attacked by a group of male EDL supporters on their way to the protest for carrying an anti-EDL placard. Police stepped in and prevented anything further developing.

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