Saturday, June 16, 2012

We don’t want Olympic missiles!

 by New Worker correspondent
AROUND 100 people from Lewisham and Greenwich marched from Oxleas Woods on Shooters’ Hill to Blackheath last Saturday, linking the two sites where the Government plans to site Rapier missiles to “defend” the coming Olympic Games in east London from any terrorist attack from the air.
The marchers were protesting at the siting of these missiles close to their homes and in places of recreation and leisure that are popular with the local community.
As the marchers pointed out, if any missile were fired from these sites both the missile itself and anything it hit would fall as dangerous shrapnel over the heavily populated area of south and east London.
The preparations for the games, which are meant to represent peace and friendship between nations, are beginning to resemble the preparations for a war.
The marchers’ route took them to the Peace Garden at Charlton House and the War Memorial on Blackheath.

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