Friday, January 25, 2013

Solidarity with Greek anti-fascists

Tony Benn speaking
  by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 1,000 antifascists gathered outside the Greek embassy in London’s Holland Park last Saturday in freezing weather to show their support for anti-fascists in Greece facing terror attacks from the Nazi Golden Dawn movement.
They were part of a worldwide demonstration involving tens of thousands of antifascists around the world expressing solidarity with Greek antifascists.
 The Golden Dawn party is spreading its activity beyond Greece, across Europe and North America and there are reports of it being active in the North of England.
 Speakers at the rally in Holland Park included Searchlight editor Gerry Gable, the veteran Labour politician Tony Benn, Labour MP's David Lammy and Jeremy Corbyn, as well as Steve Hart, a senior officer from the giant Union Unite and joint chair of the UAF. Other speakers included  Elizabeth Mantzari, one of the leaders of the Greek solidarity movement, and a Turkish antifascist.
 Also on the platform were two representatives of the new generation of British anti-fascist writers, Dan Trilling and Owen Jones, NUS Black Students’ Officer Aaron Kiely and an activist from Sikhs against the EDL.
 All the speakers stressed the need to build and strengthen international solidarity against fascism and to build upon the long-established No Platform policy in dealing with the fascists.
 A small counter demonstration of British fascists, including members of the National Front, was kettled by police.

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