Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love Russia, hate homophobia

 AROUND 1,000 campaigners against homophobia protested outside Downing Street on Tuesday 3rd September, just before the G20 meeting in Leningrad to send a message to Russian President Putin that his new law banning “propaganda” about homosexuality is unacceptable.
Like the hated “clause 28” in Britain a couple of decades ago, the law is in effect a gag on the discussion of matters relating to homosexuality, especially among the young.
It prevents teachers, youth workers and other counsellors from helping gay adolescents who may be in serious fear and turmoil as they realise they are homosexual by reassuring them that they are not evil or unnatural.
Anti-homophobia campaigner Peter Tatchell led the speakers, who included the gay celebrity Paul O’Grady.

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