Friday, July 18, 2014

NCP still going strong!

Hyong Hak Bong brings Korean communist greetings
By New Worker correspondent
  We had summer heat and the World Cup third place play off but that didn’t deter comrades and friends from joining New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks and Party Chair Alex Kempshall  in celebrating the 37th  anniversary of the foundation of the  NCP last Saturday at the Party Centre in London.
Honoured guests included Hyong Hak Bong, the London ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and John Rainsborough from the UK Korean Friendship Association who both paid tribute to the NCP’s consistent solidarity with Democratic Korea and its principled support for the communist ideal during the formal part of the proceedings.
Some NCP comrades and those from the RCPB (ML) were absent as they were taking part in the great Durham Miners Gala, but they were with us in spirit with solidarity messages that included a congratulatory message from Pyongyang from the Workers Party of Korea and another from the British Pietro Secchia cell of Italy’s Partito Communista.
The New Communist Party of Britain was established in July 1977 and since then the Party has worked to build the communist movement and working class unity while upholding the tenets of Marxism-Leninism. Over the decades the Party and the New Worker have survived through thick and thin and this was because we have something to say that comrades are ready to support with effort and cash to keep us going. This they did again with a collection of £331 for the fighting fund!  

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