Friday, March 27, 2015

LSE occupiers call for free education

 by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 300 people took part in a march through the campus of London School of Economics (LSE) on Thursday 19th March, in support of a student occupation there of a room in the LSE’s Old Building.

The students are campaigning for free higher education and lobbying the Government to scrap tuition fees.
They are also opposing counter-terror legislation, calling for an end to zero-hours contracts for university staff and for a boycott of companies that profit from trade with Israel’s occupation of Palestine.
The students marched through the campus and then held a sit-down protest outside the Royal College of Surgeons, where cleaners in the Unison union have been campaigning over pay.
The cleaners, who are mainly migrants, had joined the march with their Unison banner. And one of them spoke at the protest.

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