Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Dawn fails to rise

By New Worker correspondent
Turner's porkies
HUNDREDS of anti-fascists gathered in Whitehall on Saturday 4th June to oppose a new tiny hard-core Nazi sect known as New Dawn who were protesting against the “jewification” of an area in Golders Green, north-west London.
In particular the fascists were attacking the existence of a Jewish Shomrim, or neighbourhood watch area, in Golders Green.
The fascists had intended to hold their offensive protest in Golders Green put the local long-established Jewish community there, along with other anti-fascists, persuaded the police and local authority to ban it in their area.
The police offered them the option to hold their Nazi protest in the “neutral” territory of Whitehall and they had no choice but to accept.
And a large contingent from the Jewish community in Golders Green also made it to Whitehall to make it clear that they found the Nazi presence offensive wherever it was. They pointed out that the Nazis had broken the law against propagating race hate many times over but police made no attempt to arrest them for it.
Also among the anti-fascists was a large group of anarchist Jewish students carrying banners and placards opposing anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. The Jewish Socialist Group, Unite Against Fascism and Antifa were also present in strength.
Precisely 24 supporters of New Dawn turned up and a high proportion of these were Polish immigrants including Arkadiusz Rzepinski. The English individuals present included Eddie Stampton, not brandishing his swastika flag on this occasion but the equally offensive and racist American confederate “stars-and-bars”.
His friends Mark Atkinson, formerly of Combat 18, Paul Mellors, Jeremy Bedford Turner and Kevin Layzell were there but Martin Webster did not turn up this time. They also brought with them a professional video photographer, suggesting that another of the many TV production companies may be making yet another documentary about them.
As soon as the fascists arrived their pen was immediately surrounded by crowds of young anti-fascists, who has resisted being corralled by the police and who drowned out the offensive fascist speeches with anti-fascist slogans.
Jeremy Bedford Turner demonstrated his anger at “Jewification” by eating a pork pie during his speech – which was taken by anti-fascists as an admission that he was talking “pork pies,” or lies, in rhyming slang.
After an hour, the time allotted to the fascists for their static demonstration was over, and they were marched away.
Many of the anti-fascists then wandered up to Trafalgar Square to join a rally in solidarity with Greece.

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