Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hostile reception for Britain First thugs in Whitechapel

AROUND 20 thugs from the neo-Nazi Britain First (BF) movement tried to stage a racist protest outside the big East London Mosque in Whitechapel on Saturday 12th March.
The racist thugs carried Union Jack flags and carried crosses but quickly found themselves surrounded by police, who were defending them from angry Muslims who were leaving the mosque and anti-fascist protesters. It was the second BF attempt to demonstrate aggressively outside the mosque in a fortnight.
Video footage showed a volatile stand-off between the racists and locals with police standing between the two groups.
The mosque says it is now working with officials to have the group banned from Tower Hamlets. Despite admitting the day was "carnage", Jayda Fransen, deputy BF leader, vowed the group would be returning to the mosque in the near future for yet another protest.
At one point during the protest the Rev Alan Green, who is Church of England Borough Chaplain for Tower Hamlets, stood between the two groups appealing for calm. He denounced Britain First as "un-Christian", echoing a letter signed by him and other church leaders in Tower Hamlets in February of last year condemning Britain First following its controversial "Christian patrol" through Brick Lane.
The protest ended when the police issued a Section 12 public order preventing Britain First supporters moving on to nearby Brick Lane for a march. Supporters were instead escorted out of the area in their vehicles.

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