Thursday, June 16, 2016

London call for Lexit vote

Tariq Ali calls for Lexit!

by Theo Russell

Several hundred people gathered on Monday at a Left Leave Campaign rally at London’s Camden Centre to hear supporters of worker’s rights from across Europe call for a “Lexit” vote next Thursday.
Mick Lynch, RMT assistant general secretary, declared: “The EU is unreformable, change can only come through campaigns and struggle. Another Britain is possible, another Europe is possible, but another EU isn’t. Vote for Lexit!”
Polly Jones, of Global Justice Now, warned: “Staying in the EU means joining TTIP. Even members of the European Parliament had to join protests just to be allowed to see the draft TTIP proposals.”
Dean Williams, chair of Holborn & Covent Garden Labour party (in a personal capacity), said: “Millions of Labour supporters have been denied a voice in this debate. As soon as we get out we will see an end to that ghastly system. When Tony Benn went to Brussels as a minister, he said he felt like a slave going to Rome.”
Lindsey German, from {Counterfire}, pointed out: “The first fight for equal pay for women was the strikes by bus, tram and underground workers in 1918. The EU debate is not all about immigration. In fact the EU is driving racism by tolerating right-wing parties with anti-migrant agendas.”
Writer and broadcaster Tariq Ali said: “There is no serious reporting by the Europhile media of events in Europe such as the current struggle in France, or the protest by thousands at the US Ramstein base in Germany against drone strikes. The president of the European, Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, is a total charlatan and crook who has been involved in many scams in Luxembourg. The EU is in complete social, economic and cultural crisis. Green Party MP Caroline Lucas claims the EU is ‘green’, what about Volkswagen? They don’t give a damn about the environment, all that matters is the drive for profit.”
Tosh McDonald, president of Aslef, said: “We have no problem with freedom of movement in the EU but we do have a problem with having no free movement of workers’ rights,” adding: “Three weeks ago Aslef lay members voted ‘Out’ after a long debate at conference.”
Paul Embery, FBU London Region secretary (in a personal capacity), said “There is a disparity between trade union leaders and ordinary working people on the ground. Trade union recognition, the national minimum wage and equal pay – all were won by trade union struggle. Is the EU defined by workers’ rights or by austerity, neo-liberalism and maximising profits?”
And Polish migrant worker Jacek Szymanski, said: “The Polish economy is built on low wages, high unemployment and millions on zero-hour contracts. Twelve years after joining the EU three million people have left Poland in desperation. These are perfect conditions for creating fascism and this is not accidental, it is also happening in Greece, Italy and Hungary. You have a great opportunity to deal a powerful blow against the EU – I urge you to do it.”

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