Wednesday, August 17, 2016

For Peace and Socialism!

Mushtaq Lasharie (R) talking about growing resistance
By New Worker correspondent

London comrades met to discuss the US–NATO drive to war and the struggle for peace in a pub in central London last week. Chaired by Theo Russell, the topic was opened by Mushtaq Lasharie, a retired Labour councillor and a leading figure in the Pakistani community, and New Communist Party (NCP) leader Andy Brooks at the upstairs meeting room at the Cock Tavern in Euston.
Andy Brooks stressed the NCP’s long-standing position that the primary contradiction in the world today is between US imperialism and the rest of the world it seeks to dominate, which includes the national bourgeoisie in Russia and the Third World. Mushtaq, who is the Chair of Third World Solidarity, talked about the growing resistance to imperialism throughout the world, pointing out that the abortive Turkish army move to depose the president was only the second time since the Second World War that a US-inspired coup had failed.
Everyone took part in the discussion that followed and the meeting ended with a collection that raised £36 for the New Worker fighting fund.

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