Friday, September 09, 2016

Brexit now – invoke Article 50

By New Worker correspondent

MORE than 100 people gathered on Monday 5th August, opposite the House of Commons to demand that the Government sign Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty at once, to initiate the process of Britain leaving the European Union (EU).
The referendum on 24th June gave a clear majority in favour of leaving the EU, but as time drifts on so the signing of Article 50 seems to be postponed more and more.
Many suspect the Government, which was taken by surprise by the referendum result, is deliberately dragging its heels and may end up permanently postponing the implementation of the people’s verdict.
The evening event was organised to coincide with a House of Commons debate on Brexit by the online magazine Spiked and those present represented a very wide political spectrum.
Speakers included Brian Denny from Trade Unionists Against the EU, Eddie Dempsey from the RMT transport union and Paul Embery from the Fire Brigades Union.
They all argued that the failure to sign Article 50 was an attack on democracy. Eddie Dempsey told the crowd that the delay showed the contempt that the ruling class in Britain have for the democratic rights of the working class.
He said that if former RMT leader Bob Crow was still alive he would definitely be backing this campaign and calling for Article 50 to be signed at once.
“People who voted to leave the EU are being described as fools and morons in the media but we know that the EU is not democratic and is no friend of the working class. We have only to look at what has happened to Greece to see that.”
Spiked says: “Those calling for a second referendum hold democracy – and the demos – in contempt. They think the Brexit-voting public was fickle, stupid, easily led – and must be asked to vote again.
“The British elite is trying to use this as an opportunity to thwart the Brexit vote. We cannot let this happen. 17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union. This is the biggest democratic mandate in British political history and it must be respected.”

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