Tuesday, December 06, 2016

End British aid to the Kiev fascist junta!

by New Worker correspondent

PROTESTERS returned to Whitehall last week to protest against British imperialism’s continuing support of the fascist junta in Ukraine. Earlier this year the British government doubled its military assistance to Ukraine, to provide training for an army which now incorporates 84 fascist battalions.
NCP leader Andy Brooks and other London comrades braved the early evening cold to take part in the picket outside the Ministry of Defence building opposite Downing Street on Thursday 24th  November called by the New Communist Party with the support of the Solidarity with Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) movement. Daphne Liddle, Theo Russell and Dermot Hudson from the NCP all took the mike to denounce the illegal regime in Ukraine and to express solidarity with the people of the Donbas republics and workers struggling against fascist oppression throughout Ukraine.
Last month a progressive Ukrainian barrister told a meeting in London that in today’s Ukraine “trade unions exist legally, but effectively they don’t exist”.
They have been forced to sell off buildings and Soviet-era assets such as holiday camps and clinics, and “are now in fact ‘owned’ by wealthy individuals”. Some have even held joint actions with the armed fascist groups. Anyone protesting against rocketing unemployment, corruption or lost savings are labelled criminal, ‘separatist’ or “the hand of Putin”.
There is absolutely no democracy in Ukraine, and its working people are being ruthlessly crushed. The Kiev regime, which includes Nazis and has outlawed left-wing movements including the Ukrainian communist party and the Marxist Borotba movement.

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