Thursday, March 23, 2017

Defending the DPRK at LSE

leafleting outside the hall
by New Worker correspondent

Korean solidarity activists were outside the London School of Economics (LSE) last weekend to leaflet a seminar that purported to “provide a platform for detailed discussions on various aspects of North Korea, from North Korean society to the prospects for, and challenges of, Korean unification”. What they mean by ‘unification’ is really south Korea absorbing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). So basically this was a regime change conference organised by those hostile to the socialist system of the DPRK and the Juche Idea.
Last Saturday Korea Friendship Association (KFA) Chair Dermot Hudson and NCP leader Andy Brooks joined student supporters of the Korean revolution putting the record straight with KFA leaflets and presenting the other side of the story in face-to-face discussion with participants entering and leaving the building. 
The conference was, in fact, simply a propaganda forum organised by the south Korean puppet regime and sponsored by the Doosan Group, a south Korean manufacturing and construction conglomerate that employs 41,400 workers in 38 countries. The speakers were drawn from the usual circle of pro-imperialist academics and journalists, along with a number of south Korean diplomats and former ministers. Needless to say, no DPRK representative or representative of the KFA was asked to attend the conference.

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