Friday, June 30, 2017

A Promising Future for Hong Kong

Liu Xiaoming welcomes the guests

By New Worker correspondent
NCP leader Andy Brooks joined hundreds of other guests at the Chinese embassy this week at a reception called to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to People’s China.
The Chinese ambassador, Liu Xiaoming, said that the end of British rule “was a landmark in China's modern history. It was a long-cherished wish coming true for generations of Chinese people, including compatriots in Hong Kong.
“It was a significant achievement that left its mark in the history of the Chinese nation.
“It was a pride for each and every Chinese to see Hong Kong's bauhinia flag side-by-side with the five-star national flag. Hong Kong's return to China is a milestone in the history of Hong Kong. After a hundred years of ups and downs, Hong Kong finally rejoined the motherland.
“Hong Kong people have become the masters of the land they call home. And Hong Kong has since entered into a new phase of development.”
The Chinese ambassador said that reunification had finally ended the historical obstacle to closer ties between China and Britain, sending the bilateral relations onto a fast track.
“In the 20 years that followed, the China–UK relationship grew from comprehensive partnership to comprehensive strategic partnership, and then to a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century. Now this relationship has entered a ‘Golden Era’,” Liu Xiaoming said.
“In late 1970s, Mr Deng Xiaoping, the courageous and insightful leader, first proposed the vision of ‘one country, two systems’. This innovative framework was first applied to the Hong Kong question.
“Twenty years on, ‘one country, two systems’ has been hugely successful in Hong Kong and Macau.
“This policy has shown strong vitality. It has been an enrichment to socialism with Chinese features in both theory and practice. It opens up a creative new way for the peaceful reunification of China. It heralds a new journey towards rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It strengthens our confidence in achieving the ultimate unification of the Chinese nation.
“Today, Hong Kong is the fourth biggest financial centre, the fifth largest container port and the eighth biggest trading entity in the world.
“Hong Kong is also making steady progress in its democratic governance. From political stability, governance efficiency and regulatory quality to the rule of law, control over corruption, right to expression and accountability, many indicators are showing Hong Kong's improvement over pre-handover years…
“…Hong Kong's return is a major innovation in terms of social and political system.
"’One country, two systems’ is a great invention. It allows the coexistence of the socialist and capitalist systems within one country.”
This is unprecedented in human history. In Deng Xiaoping's words: "Has any government in the history of the world ever adopted a liberal policy like this? Has any western country in the history of capitalism ever done anything like this?"
The successful practice of ‘one country, two systems’ in Hong Kong shows that this solution proposed by China is absolutely feasible. It is a daring and successful experiment with different social systems.”

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