Friday, September 08, 2017

Solidarity with Ukraine’s anti-fascist resistance

By New Worker correspondent

The call to build solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance was renewed at a meeting in London last week called by the New Worker
Gerry Downing, Marie Lynam, Theo Russell and Andy Brooks
to discuss the current situation in Ukraine. Comrades returned to the Cock Tavern in Euston to hear NCP leader Andy Brooks, Theo Russell (NCP London), Gerry Downing of Socialist Fight and Marie Lynam of the British Posadists kick off the discussion, which ranged from the role of the Ukrainian left to the concrete problems facing the solidarity movement in the Britain today.
When the Ukrainian fascists seized power in February 2014 in an imperialist-inspired coup the bourgeois lie-machine went into top gear to call these people “democrats” in order to mask the real nature of the new regime. They were echoed by some self-proclaimed Trotskyists who set up a solidarity campaign that claimed to support the Ukrainian labour movement but largely repeated the anti-Russian hysteria peddled in the bourgeois press to justify NATO support for the fascist regime. But attempts to build a bogus pro-Kiev regime front inside the labour movement have failed, largely due to the work of the Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) campaign and a number of left movements, including the NCP and Socialist Fight.

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