Monday, April 23, 2018

Down with the Kiev fascist regime

Outside the embassy

by New Worker correspondent

New Communist Party (NCP) leader Andy Brooks joined other anti-fascist campaigners demonstrating outside the Ukrainian embassy in London last weekend. The picket, called by the NCP, Socialist Fight and the British Posadists, was part of an international peace protest called by the Donetsk communist party to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the fascist offensive on 14th April 2014 that started the civil war and the armed resistance that established the people’s republics in what was once eastern Ukraine. The protest was also supported by members of the London branch of Partido Communista from Italy and other progressive forces.
British imperialism gives military and financial support to the illegal regime in Ukraine, which is propped up by fascist militias that idolise Stepan Bandera, a Second World War Nazi collaborator whose followers massacred Jews and Poles during the German occupation. They later became a willing tool of the CIA to spread terror across Soviet Ukraine and People’s Poland during the Cold War.
A resolution from the Communist Party of Donetsk was read out and Andy Brooks was interviewed by Sputnik International for a report that was published on Monday.

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