Saturday, August 04, 2018

India Club saved

in the bar
By New Worker correspondent

London’s iconic India Club has been saved from redevelopment after Westminster council refused planning permission to developers who would have swept the iconic restaurant away to make way for an upmarket hotel.
This week Westminster Council’s planning committee said that the India Club, based in a hotel in the Strand, was an important cultural and night-time venue.
Although no longer a club, the restaurant and bar is still frequented by Indian diplomats, students and journalists. For over 50 years it has been based in the Strand and the club has many loyal supporters. Some 26,000 of them signed a petition to save the club.
The club, which has been a frequent venue for comrades over the years, was started by Krishna Menon, the left-wing Congress leader who was India's first High Commissioner to Britain after independence in 1947. It served as a meeting place for the India League, a British organisation that campaigned for India’s independence, for their post-independence meetings and activities.

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