Friday, January 11, 2019

Channel 4, Stop the Lies!

by New Worker correspondent

Last weekend NCP leader Andy Brooks joined comrades outside Channel 4 headquarters in London protesting against the demonising of the DPR Korea in recent pseudo-documentaries aired by the station that poses as an independent voice but is, in fact, just another mouthpiece of the ruling class.
Despite the cold weather a dozen or so solidarity activists joined the picket, called by the UK Korean Friendship Association and supported by the New Communist Party, outside Channel 4’s centre in Westminster last Saturday.
KFA chair Dermot Hudson said: “Recently Channel 4 broadcast North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State a concoction of lies and falsehoods about People's Korea which came from so-called ‘defectors ‘. Shamefully Channel 4 have put themselves in the forefront of vile anti-DPRK propaganda and are playing a leading role in demonising the  DPR Korea. Basically C4 are undermining peace efforts and the progress towards improved inter-Korean relations. They are acting as stooges of US imperialism in its most malicious psychological warfare against People's Korea. The so-called documentary took the word of a handful of   defectors, who betrayed their socialist homeland just to have dollars in their pockets, as an absolute truth…many defectors have been shown to have lied. For example one well known defector admitted to making up parts of his story”.
 .Channel 4, which is a commercially-funded state owned television network, has form on this issue Dermot Hudson said.
“In the past so-called ‘documentaries’ such as Children of the Secret State have been filmed in Thailand, south Korea and China , pretending that it was the DPRK.
“Channel 4 is serving US imperialism and the reactionary elites of Western countries in its demonisation of People’s Korea. Channel 4 are out of step with the trend of the times , last year 3 inter-Korean summits were held plus an unprecedented DPRk-US summit and a DPRK-China summit but Channel 4 is just broadcasting the same old stale propaganda. We hope that Channel 4 will learn their lesson and stop broadcasting anti-DPRK programmes”.

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