Saturday, November 19, 2011

Arab spring or imperialist Trojan horse?

By New Worker correspondent

FRIENDS and comrades met in central London last Friday to take part in a debate on the Arab Spring and its relevance to the struggle against world imperialism. Prof Kamal Majid, a vice-president of the Stop the War Coalition, and New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks kicked off the discussion with openings on the recent upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt, Nato’s invasion of Libya and imperialism’s growing threat to Syria.
The speakers reported the stance of the communist movements in Syria and Tunisia and the issue was taken up by other participants, who also raised the concept of the “national bourgeoisie” and questioned whether such a class now exists in the Arab world.
The meeting, organised by the NCP’s London District, was the fourth and last of this year’s series of talks on contemporary issues. A new series of talks is planned for the New Year.

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