Saturday, November 05, 2011

St Paul's eviction halted

taking Jesus at his word on the steps of St Paul's

THE CORPORATION of London, the Bishop of London and St Paul’s cathedral staff last Tuesday dropped plans to take legal action to force anti-capitalist protesters from their encampment in the cathedral’s churchyard.
 And on Wednesday Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams issued a statement calling for a “Robin Hood” tax on financial market dealings as a way of redressing the extreme greed displayed by City bankers while the rest of the country endures serious hardship resulting from the bankers’ actions.
 Dr Williams said he hoped this would meet the demands of the protesters and that it was not necessary to end the whole capitalist system.
 The statement was fairly obviously designed to persuade the protesters to go voluntarily whole avoiding the embarrassment of a forced eviction of people who are upholding the teachings the Church of England on Mammon worship and the lover of money as the root of all evil.
 Meanwhile the City of London Corporation said it had merely "pressed the pause button" on its legal bid to evict the protesters.
 Clearly, if they don’t go willingly the iron fist is still there inside the velvet glove.

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