Monday, March 25, 2013

Marx -- a great scholar and great revolutionary

Hans Modrow (right) at the graveside
By New Worker correspondent

Comrades and friends gathered last Sunday to salute the memory of Karl Marx at his tomb in Highgate Cemetery in London. Marx died in his study at half-past two on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th March 1883. To commemorate his passing the Marx Memorial Library has for many decades held an annual graveside oration at his burial place in Highgate Cemetery and this year the address was given by Hans Modrow, the last premier of the German Democratic Republic and currently honorary chair of the Left Party, a left social-democratic party that has considerable support in eastern Germany. Modrow said that today: “Marx is back again and his thoughts remain fresh. Even for the bourgeois media in Germany it is opportune to refer to Marx. The interest in him has grown immensely”.
Daphne Liddle laid flowers on behalf of the NCP at the tomb along with representatives from the embassies of the people’s republics in London and other communist and progressive movements at home and overseas.

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