Thursday, October 27, 2016

Don’t ban the Hare Krishna free food

STUDENTS at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of London, are protesting at a ban by the college authorities on the Hare Krishna free food provision for students – because it undermines the profits of the official franchised college eating places.
The Hare Krishna people have been providing plates of free vegetable curry to students and people in the Bloomsbury area for the past 15 years.
They also turn up on progressive demonstration in cold weather to provide free, good quality hot food for protesters.
They come to SOAS 6 days per week and serve nearly 700 people with a heart-warming smile. It is very disappointing that SOAS and the University of London prioritise their business interests over free and healthy Hare Krishna food, which many students and others rely on.
The alternative food options at SOAS are very expensive and not particularly healthy. The students want the Hare Krishnas to stay on the SOAS campus, where they have always been.

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