Saturday, October 08, 2016

Down with the Kiev puppet regime

Andy Brooks, Gerry Downing and Dermot Hudson
by New Worker correspondent
PICKETERS returned to Whitehall last week to protest against British imperialism’s continuing support for the fascist, puppet regime in Ukraine, which includes Nazis and has outlawed left-wing movements including the Ukrainian communist party and the Marxist Borotba movement. The picketers attracted a lot of attention from home-bound early evening commuters and tourists walking to Trafalgar Square, and hundreds of leaflets were given out.

London comrades, including NCP leader Andy Brooks, took part in the picket near the Ministry of Defence building opposite Downing Street in Whitehall on Thursday 29th September called by the New Communist Party with the support of the Solidarity with Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) movement and Socialist Fight.
Daphne Liddle and Dermot Hudson from the NCP took the mike, along with Gerry Downing from Socialist Fight, to denounce the illegal regime in Ukraine and to express solidarity with the people of the Donbas republics and workers struggling against fascist oppression throughout Ukraine.

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