Friday, October 19, 2018

London Weighting Victories

By New Worker correspondent

Around a hundred workers responsible for maintaining electricity meters at Scottish Southern Electricity’s (SSE’s) London depots have won a pay rise of £2,807 after action led by the union Unite secured a London allowance.
For years about half of SSE’s workers in various London depots had been refused payment of a London Allowance that was being paid to other workers. A six-month campaign resulted in a collective grievance that was eventually heard by the company, which has finally brought success to workers who go in to London from depots outside London, including workers in Slough and Tiptree.
Unite regional officer Jane Jeffery said: “Over the years workers had been asking HR [Human Resources] why some were not receiving the allowance while others were. Management dragged their feet but collective action by the workers meant SSE eventually agreed to the pay-outs. The union is now seeking to ensure that the workers also get any back pay that they are due. It shows that it pays to be in a union that is prepared to fight for your rights at work.”
Earlier over 100 construction workers at three high-profile projects across London collectively secured an estimated £250,000 worth of holiday pay. More than 150 construction workers working for Byrnes Bros at construction projects including Westfield in White City, The International Quarter in Stratford and 100 Bishopsgate in the City secured payments of between £400–£1,000 each with further back payments to come.

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