Friday, December 14, 2018

Remembering Kim Jong Il

Ambassador Choe Il speaking

By New Worker correspondent 

Korean friendship activists met to hear speakers, that included the Democratic Korean (DPRK) ambassador, talk about the outstanding achievements of Korean leader Kim Jong Il at a meeting in central London last weekend Called by the Korean Friendship Association, the meeting was opened by Dermot Hudson who said that we are not here to mourn the life of the Kim Jong Il, who died at his post in December  2011, but to celebrate it as part of the struggle for socialism.
 DPRK London ambassador Choe Il spoke movingly about the immortal achievements that Kim performed for the defence and advance of the socialist cause . He said that Comrade Kim Jong Un had defended socialism in the most trying conditions against the winds of history through exemplary ideological and theorectical work . The ideas of Kim Jong Il constituted a militant banner of independence and socialism .

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