Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Anti-fascists embarrass neo-Nazis

by New Worker correspondent

AS THE Islamophobic English Defence League splinters into warring factions and the British National Party is now a shadow of its former self, it has fallen to the more extremist hard core neo-Nazi fractions to continue to milk the tragedy of the murder of Lee Rigby for all they can.
And so last Saturday the “English Volunteer Force” (modelled on the violent Ulster Volunteer Force) organised a rally in Croydon close to the UK Border Agency’s Lunar House, where immigrants and asylum seekers have to come for interviews and to sign.

  The rally was aimed to harass and intimidate these people and the civil servants who work in Lunar House.
But local anti-fascists, including members and supporters of Unite Against Fascism, We are Croydon and the civil service union PCS organised a counter demonstration. And they outnumbered the fascists by over 200 to 40.
Chaired by a Croydon University and College Union member, Croydon Trades Council, PCS NEC members, Unison, NUT, UAF, Unite the Union and Love Music Hate Racism
speakers, all argued that when Nazis target workplaces and asylum seekers, we need to unite in action.
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The former Mayor of Croydon, said: “We have had our fair share of fascists here, over the years. They have never succeeded in their vile aims, and we will stop them, as before.”
 Big cheers greeted his remarks. The sick spectacle of EVF thugs seig heiling, underlined who had crawled out from the sewers.
Ageing former BNP leader, now National Front goon, Richard Edmonds attended, as did a few North West Infidels, BNP members and ex Combat 18 drug dealers.
Anti-fascists showed as fully as was possible their feelings. No one in Croydon backed the EVF, unlike the locally organised anti-fascist presence. After around an hour, the Nazis slunk off, and anti-fascists held a short rally.
A large group of them set off to Charlton, where another fascist splinter known as the South East Alliance had planned a “march from Woolwich to Parliament Square in honour of Lee Rigby”.
Police did not let them into Woolwich so they made do with the White Horse pub in Charlton as an assembly point. Their planned departure was delayed as their organiser had been rioting elsewhere in Croydon.
When he did finally join them for the “nine-and-a-half mile march” to Westminster they made it just half a mile to the nearest station where police loaded them on to a train to Waterloo East and they completed their march from there to Old Palace Yard.
They arrived just as black activists and anti-fascists who had attended a protest march organised by Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts at Downing Street  were dispersing.
There followed a predictable exchange of epithets as police did their best to keep them  apart until they could get the fascists on to buses and away from the area.

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