Monday, June 21, 2021

Corbyn says end arms for Israel

By New Worker correspondent

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the halt to British arms sales to Israel at a rally in central London last weekend. Demonstrating in Whitehall, Palestinian supporters called on the Group of Seven (G7) leaders currently meeting in Cornwall to support Palestinian rights.
    As part of the ‘Resist G-7: Day of Action for International Justice’ rally demonstrators marched past Downing Street on Saturday calling for an end to British complicity in Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians .
     “At today’s Justice For Palestine demonstration in London, I also called for a halt to arms sales,” Corbyn tweeted. “UK-made weapons are killing civilians – including children – in conflicts abroad. This must stop,” he said.
    The rally came as the informal club of seven leaders of the global imperialist camp – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States – were meeting in Cornwall face-to-face for the first time in two years to tackle the global health crisis and climate change.
    At the march, Raghad al-Takriti, the president of the Muslim Association of Britain, said the message to the G-7 leaders is clear. “It is to uphold international law. It is adherence to international law…it’s time for these leaders to talk about enforcement, to end the siege on Gaza … and to stop their complicity, their arms deals with Israel,” she said.
    Thousands of protesters took part in the demonstration called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Friends of Al-Aqsa. PSC said: “All governments have an obligation to end their complicity and help dismantle apartheid. Instead of aiding and abetting Israel’s racist rule over the Palestinian people, the G7 must end all military-security cooperation with Israel, and employ targeted sanctions until Israel complies with international law.”
    The protest was the latest in a series of pro-Palestine rallies which have taken place in London since clashes erupted in occupied Arab East Jerusalem over Israel’s planned expulsion of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, the attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, and Israel’s military assault on Gaza.
    Hundreds of Palestinians have been arrested in Israel and the occupied West Bank for protesting against Israel’s policies. Some have been killed and many more wounded in confrontations with the Israeli police and armed Zionist settler gangs.
    Last week members of the Palestine Action movement took over a Canadian-owned aerospace factory in Cheshire which manufactures military technology for Elbit Systems, an Israeli arms company .They scaled the roof of the APPH complex in Runcorn and daubed the building in red paint. They claim the factory produces landing gear for Elbit drones which were used in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza last month. Héroux-Devtek, the company which runs the APPH plant, has disputed these claims.
     Palestine Action has been targeting Elbit facilities in Britain for months, demanding their closure and claiming that the parts and weaponry they produce are being tested and used against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Chinese communists address the future

by New Worker correspondent

In July 1921, 13 delegates met in Shanghai for a meeting that led to the formation of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It now has a membership of 91,914,000 building “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
    One of the commemorative events took place last Thursday, when its
International Department hosted an online World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties. This was attended by over 160 representatives, including 70 leaders from 58 parties in 48 countries across the globe, including delegates from the New Communist Party. NCP leader Andy Brooks and other members of the Central Committee joined communists from all around the world taking part in this virtual conference.
    Although it was to commemorate a century of struggle, it was neither a backwards-looking occasion nor a purely celebratory one. The focus was firmly on the future of developing Marxism, on China and its future role in the world. Nor did the hosts omit criticism of the party’s present condition. One pointed out the CPC was busily engaged in rooting out corrupt officials.
    Highlighting the importance of the event was the fact that it was opened by Song Tao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, who read a congratulatory letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping himself.
    Amongst the introductory addresses was one from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which pointed that credit is due to the CPC for saving China from colonialism and for pulling its people out of poverty.
    Three specialist panels followed. The first was on People-centred Philosophy and Poverty Eradication, which was not merely a celebration of China’s success in lifting all its people out of absolute poverty, particularly in the rural areas and western China. This success, said Song Tao, was no reason for complacency and was not the end of the road. He described China as having achieved a level of “moderate prosperity” with a per capita income of $10,000 dollars. This means that much more needs to be done. These achievements were envied by the ruling Congolese Party of Labour, who thanked China for much needed aid and reminded us that across the globe millions still lack safe water supplies.
    The second panel was devoted to New Development Philosophy and High-quality Development, in which a CPC speaker noted that high technology innovation is vital for China to build on recent achievements. Many other poor countries, such as the former socialist countries of eastern Europe, made similar progress to China but never became advanced economies. A speaker from the All India Forward Bloc warned that that high glass towers are not always a positive development if they do not meet the legitimate aspirations of the people.
     Thirdly and finally, the implications of China’s Belt and Road Co-operation (B&R) was discussed. Jiao Yang from China’s National Development and Reform Commission said that the B&R was essential for generating green development and a more positive globalism than exists at present. Alexei Sokol of the Communist Party of Belarus said China has helped many neighbouring countries, a point endorsed by a representative of the ruling Laotian People’s Revolutionary Party.
    The Chinese speakers were at pains to suggest that China’s example should not be taken as a model to be mechanically applied, the CPC’s success was due to not slavishly following the Soviet model but due to the party creatively applying Marxism to local conditions, an example other parties must heed.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Joint declaration condemning the continued bloodshed and occupation by Israel

We, the communist and workers parties undersigning this statement, strongly and unequivocally condemn the Israeli aggression meted out against Palestinians in Jerusalem - as well as the continued military bombardment upon Gaza which has resulted in the killing of scores of Palestinian civilians and the maiming of hundreds more, among them children.

Israel’s brazen violation of international humanitarian law and international law has continued for decades now, aided and abetted with the full support of imperialist forces, and without any meaningful intervention from international institutions to bring these violations to an end or outwardly condemn them. 


We demand:

  • An immediate cessation to the bombardment and besieging of Gaza;
  • An end to the attacks and violations against Palestinians exercising their rights in and around the Al Aqsa Mosque site and all other holy sites;
  • A stop to the relentless attacks and intimidation against Palestinian residents in East Jerusalem by the Israeli authorities and settlers, namely the latter’s attempts to evict families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood as part of a continued campaign of ethnic cleansing.

We express our full and unwavering solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people to end the occupation and towards the establishing of an independent state, within the recognised borders as they stood on June 4th 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return for all Palestinian refugees according to the relevant UN resolutions.

We call on all progressive and peace-loving people to raise their voice and join this appeal.


  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Communist Party of Australia
  3. Party of Labour of Austria
  4. Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain
  5. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  6. Workers Party of Belgium
  7. Communist Party of Belgium
  8. Brazilian Communist Party
  9. Communist Party of Brazil
  10. Communist Party of Britain
  11. New Communist Party of Britain
  12. Communist Party of Canada
  13. Communist Party of Chile
  14. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  15. Communist Party of Cuba
  16. AKEL, Cyprus
  17. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  18. Communist Party in Denmark
  19. Egyptian Communist Party
  20. French Communist Party
  21. German Communist Party
  22. Communist Party of Greece
  23. Hungarian Workers’ Party
  24. Communist Party of India [Marxist]
  25. CP of India
  26. Iraqi Communist Party
  27. Tudeh Party of Iran
  28. Workers Party of Ireland
  29. Communist Party of Ireland
  30. Communist Party of Israel
  31. Party of the Communist Refountation (PRC)
  32. Jordanian Communist Party
  33. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  34. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  35. Communist Party of Malta
  36. Communist Party of Mexico
  37. Communist Party of Norway
  38. Communist Party of Pakistan
  39. Palestinian Communist Party
  40. Palestinian People's Party
  41. Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  42. Communist Party of Poland
  43. Portuguese Communist Party
  44. RussianCommunist Worker's Party - CPSU
  45. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  46. Communists of Serbia
  47. South African Communist Party
  48. Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE)
  49. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)
  50. Communist Party of Spain
  51. Communists of Catalonia
  52. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  53. Sudanese Communist Party
  54. Syrian Communist Party
  55. Syrian Communist Party [Unified]
  56. Communist Party of Swaziland
  57. Communist Party of Turkey
  58. Communist Party of Ukraine
  59. Union of Communists of Ukraine
  60. Communist Party USA

Other Parties

  1. Party of Communists USA
  2. Galician People's Union
  3. Communist Front (Italy)


17th May 2021