Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Racist cop trapped by mobile phone record

A KURDISH youth who faced outrageous racist abuse from a Metropolitan Police constable secretly recorded the tirade on his mobile phone and now the constable faces the sack within weeks.
PC David Yates is currently suspended from duty and facing a criminal investigation after a court heard a recording in which he allegedly told the youth, during an arrest, that he would “smash his fucking Arab head in”.
Yates had gone to court last Friday to testify against the youth, who had been charged with a public order offence and who was arrested by Yates.
The case against the youth was thrown out of court as the judge ruled that Yates’s evidence was unreliable.
Yates had arrested the 16-year-old previously on suspicion of rape but the boy had been cleared in court.
The conversation recorded on the youth’s mobile phone featured obscenities, racist abuse and a threat to frame the boy.
Now the Police Complaints Authority is looking into the incident.
Arzu Pesman of the Kurdish Federation in Britain said her community faced routine prejudice. “Police are looking at people’s faces and considering they are criminals,” she said.
And she added that the focus on immigration during the recent election campaign had added to the abuse faced by Kurds.

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