Thursday, November 01, 2007

RMT welcomes bid for Metronet

THE RMT transport union last week welcomed Transport for London’s formal bid for failed Tube maintenance firm Metronet. RMT assistant general secretary Pat Sikorski said: “If successful, this bid would bring maintenance of three-quarters of the system back in-house and under public control. That would be good news for our members, the taxpayer and the travelling public.
“Should TfL be successful, the next logical step will be to return Tube Lines to the public sector, reuniting the companies to reverse the wasteful, nonsensical fragmentation under which the system has suffered in recent years.
“TfL must also ensure that it retains the maintenance of new rolling stock, rather than hand it over to engineering firm Bombardier, which has a £3.6 billion construction deal over the next decade.
“Common sense dictates that the safety of the travelling public and our members means that this day-to-day maintenance is carried out in-house rather than placed in the hands of an outside contractor,” Pat Sikorski said.

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