Wednesday, March 16, 2011

...and the Party Centre

by New Worker

THE IMMENSE contribution of Karl Marx to the cause of socialism was remembered by comrades and friends at the New Communist Party’s London Centre last Saturday at a reception to mark the 128th anniversary of the passing of the founder of scientific socialism.
As usual the main meeting room and the print shop were transformed for the bar and buffet and during the formal part of the celebrations tributes to the work and struggle of Marx were given by Dermot Hudson of the UK Korean Friendship Association, John McLeod of the Socialist Labour Party, Ernie Hunt from the RCPB (ML) and NCP General Secretary Andy Brooks.
No NCP event goes by without a collection for the New Worker and Dolly Shaer from the Politburo spoke graphically about the struggle to ensure that our communist weekly comes out every week. The comrades responded by raising some £200 for the fighting fund. Most comrades left at 10.30pm but the die-hards kept the bar open till well gone twelve!

photo: digging deep for the fighting fund

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