Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kim Il Sung -- a great communist fighter

by New Worker

Friend of Korea met on 9th April to mark the 99th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung at the Marchmont Centre in London.
Dermot Hudson, chair of the Juché Idea Study Group of England and the UK representative of the KFA, presided over the meeting and opened stressing the importance of Sun’s Day. Other speakers included Michael Chant from the RCPB (ML), Ella Rule of the CPGB (ML), John McLeod of the SLP and NCP leader Andy Brooks.
Dermot told the meeting that all the DPRK achievements are associated with the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. He said that the DPRK under the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il had been great achievements and was advancing in the fields of science and education.
Ella Rule talked about the great ideological achievements made by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung pointing out that the Worker’s Party of Korea firmly opposed modern revisionism and the so called “market socialism”.
John McLeod spoke about the US provocation of the Korean War and the atrocities committed by the US imperialists and Andy Brooks, general secretary of the New Communist Party, stressed the role of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung in developing the communist movement in Korea and opposing the division of Korea caused by the Americans. He said Kim Il Sung was a giant amongst communist leaders.

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