Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stop the killing in Afghanistan!

Mitra Quayoom from Afghans for Peace with Lindsey German at the protest

By New Worker correspondent

New Worker supporters joined protesters outside the Prime Minister’s official London residence last week to call for the immediate withdrawal of all British troops from Afghanistan and an end to the Nato war that has brought death and destruction to millions of innocent Afghan civilians over the past eleven years.
The reality of this pointless war was brought home in recent weeks by the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by a US soldier, the killing of six British troops on 7th March, the deliberate burning of the Koran by the US Army, which provoked outrage throughout Afghanistan, and the pictures of US troops urinating on the bodies of Afghans they had killed.
Speakers at the protest outside Downing Street, London, on Thursday 15th  March included Linda Kemp, the mother of a soldier who has been ordered to go to Afghanistan in November, Mitra Quayoom from Afghans for Peace, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Labour MP and LRC activist Jeremy Corbyn and Lindsey German from the Stop the War campaign.

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