Friday, May 18, 2012

Soviet Victory Day in London

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 200 people gathered in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday 9th May to commemorate the millions of Soviet soldiers, sailors, air crew and civilians who died in the titanic struggle to defeat the Nazi war machine and to celebrate their victory that brought peace and freedom to Europe.
 Among those present this year were a party of six Soviet war veterans, two women and three men, covered in medals but looking remarkably well considering what their age must have been.
 All the usual veterans of the Arctic Convoy Club, the British Legion, attachés from the embassies of the former Soviet Republics, political organisations including the New Communist Party, youth organisations and the Russian community in London were also present.
 And a teenage soprano singer from the Russian Embassy School in London gave and a tear-jerking a capella rendition of the Song of the White Cranes, a lament for those who died in battle.
 This was followed by the Last Post and an invitation from the Deputy Russian Ambassador to join them in drinking a toast to the victory.

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