Sunday, July 29, 2012

Party Day in London

Alex Kempshall opens the social

By New Worker

COMRADES and friends joined New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks and Party Chair Alex Kempshall in celebrating the 35th anniversary of the foundation of the  NCP last Saturday at the Party Centre in London.
The New Communist Party of Britain was established in July 1977 and since then the Party has worked to build the communist movement and working class unity while upholding the tenets of Marxism-Leninism. Over the decades the Party and the New Worker have survived through thick and thin and this was because we have something to say that comrades are ready to support with effort and cash to keep us going. 
This was a point made by Andy Brooks and solidarity was a theme echoed by friends old and new during the formal part of the proceedings including the messages from the Workers Party of Korea , Dermot Hudson of the UK Korean Friendship Association and Anton Johnson of the London Left Front Art group.
No NCP social ends without an appeal for the New Worker but this time it was focused on the need to urgently upgrade our computers following the disastrous failure of our print system last week.  Alex Kempshall called on everyone to dip in to keep our communist press going and the comrades responded by raising £160 on the night.


Workers Party of Korea

The Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea sends warm congratulations to the Central Committee of New Communist Party of Britain on the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the Founding of the NCPB.
      We avail of this opportunity to wish greater success in the righteous activity of your Party for advocating the interests of the working masses and express conviction that the friendly and cooperative relationship between our two parties will develop in the future in good terms.  Central Committee

The Worker’s Party of Korea  


Juche Idea Study Group of England

        Firstly, please accept my apologies for not attending . I regret not been able to attend but your social clashes with another important meeting and also my family's celebrations of my 51st birthday. I would have liked the opportunity to share stories with you all at the social.
         I wish to offer my congratulations to you on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the New Communist Party  . The NCP is distinguished by its defence of socialism and its proletarian internationalism.
        Despite not being able to attend let me say that I value the NCP's co-operation and support for the Korean Friendship Association UK and the Juche Idea Study Group,  It was good to work together at the World Juche Congress in Pyongyang this year. We are grateful to the NCP for standing shoulder to shoulder with us on pickets of the US and south Korean embassy unlike certain hypocrites who say they are friends of the DPRK but do nothing, 
         It is never easy being a communist or socialist in a capitalist country particularly an imperialist country but the NCP has maintained its existence for 35 years and has unceasingly put the case for socialism. 
         I wish your social every success and wish your party greater succeses. 

Dermot Hudson
KFA Official Delegate UK (in personal capacity)
Chairman JISGE

 Left Front Art 

 To our Comrades at the New Communist Party of Britain, thank you for inviting Left Front Art to attend the event to mark the 35th anniversary of the founding of your Party.
     We appreciate our working relationship with the NCP and recognise your consistent support for LGBTQ rights.
        We recognise the important role the NCP and The New Worker has in promoting the message that there is an alternative to capitalism in the communities and the Party’s commitment to working with grassroots activists and at the grassroots level. This is incredibly important as it is at the street level we need to engage with people to support their struggles and explain that there is an alternative and one that works well in countries such as Cuba today but even stronger examples of how an alternative was attempted in the USSR and the other Socialist countries from 1917 and post Second World War.
       The Creative Resources of Socialism was boundless and this was shown in the great achievements of the USSR for the people. A system that in the 1930s provided full employment; housing and free health care for all, whilst the rest of the world sank in poverty, despair, fascism and eventually war.
        Following the Great October Revolution of 1917 with the overthrow of the monarchy and the Church, Homosexuality was de-criminalised in Russia. The German Democratic Republic was ahead of West Germany in terms of rights for Homosexuals and other areas of sexual expression. Today Cuba leads the way in Latin America for LGBT rights.
        As in the 1930s people are suffering under capitalism and the LGBTQ communities are at risk from the Tories austerity policies.
        At a grassroots level the NCP and The New Worker can engage and show people there is an alternative.
       We applaud the Party’s commitment to Peace with its support for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at a National and local level.
       Left Front Art looks forward to working with the NCP as a fellow affiliate within the Labour Representation Committee.
       LGBTQ liberation cannot be achieved under capitalism and consumerism but can be under real Communism. The Left Front Art Collective is a network set up to promote progressive political debate on LGBTQ liberation and an alternative to the current system, which has a vested interest in control of sexuality and therefore denies true Queer liberation.

    In Solidarity of your 35th year

    Anton Johnson
    member of the Left Front Art Inner Collective
    Left Front Art       


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