Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boris boasts he’ll crush strikers

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson last week challenged Prime Minister David Cameron to introduce new anti-union laws to outlaw strikes after the TUC conference voted to consider the feasibility of a general strike against Cameron’s austerity policy.
 Johnson continues to deny that he is seeking usurp Cameron but he did not rule out a possibility that he will seek a return to the House of Commons before the next mayoral election in 2015.
 Johnson called on Cameron to pull Britain out of the slump by clamping down on strikes, saying it was time to stop the “endless buggeration” that disrupts public services.
 His proposed reforms would outlaw strikes unless a 50 per cent threshold of members take part in a vote; ban all-out strikes among key public-service workers such as paramedics, firefighters and transport staff; force key public services to maintain a basic service and stop pickets intimidating workers.
 Johnson’s proposals come after he was forced to pay huge bonuses to London bus and Tube drivers  to stop them going on strike during the Olympics.

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