Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fascists kept out of the Square

ANTI-FASCISTS rallied in Trafalgar Square last Saturday afternoon to prevent the English Volunteer Force – and hard-line neo-Nazi splinter group with connections in the north of Ireland – from holding a planned rally in the Square.
Around 60 to 70 fascists from the EVF, United British Patriots and the South-East Alliance led by Paul Pitt gathered in various pubs along Whitehall from where police collected them to assemble outside the Lord of the Moon pub.
Paul Pitt tried to march them into Trafalgar Square but police barred them because of the anti-fascist presence there, both from AntiFa – mainly young students – and Unite Against Fascism.
The fascists were marched down Whitehall, shouting anti-Islamist slogans and accusing passers-by – mainly bewildered tourists – with the slogan: “You’re not English anymore!” – their familiar expression of disappointment and surprise in finding that most white people do not share their race hatred.
But they seemed quite confused about their own identity. Though they were supposed to be EVF many were sporting English Defence League T-shirts and banners. Others wanted to return England to a pre-Norman invasion political structure.
Heavy police cordons blocked off Whitehall Place and Horse Guards Avenue, preventing very noisy anti-fascists from entering Whitehall. Nevertheless a few anti-fascists got through and there was an exchange of epithets.
The fascists also threatened press photographers. After they objected to being photographed they were told: “You came out for publicity; now you’ve got it.”
On the way the fascists passed two even tinier protests behind big barriers opposite Downing Street – one by anti-Assad Syrians and the other by and handful of Ukrainians, both groups calling on Nato to invade their countries – but police hurried them by.
Eventually police brought the fascists to a ready prepared kettle-pen in Old Palace Yard but before they could shepherd the reluctant fascists in they had to force out a few anti-fascists who had occupied it.
After speeches the fascists were led away by police – right across the path of yet another protest demonstration, this one organised by CND to commemorate the third anniversary if the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan.
Some of the fascists pondered attacking the Syrian protest group on the grounds that they were Muslim but ended up opting to go to St Stephen’s Tavern, next to Westminster Tube Station instead.

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