Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anti-fascists protest at Ukrainian embassy

by New Worker 

DOZENS of anti-fascists, communists and trade unionists gathered last Wednesday (14th May) outside the Ukrainian embassy in Holland Park, London to protest at the brutal war being waged by the Kiev junta on Ukrainians who are refusing to accept its undemocratic seizure of their country.
Many regions of Ukraine, especially in the east and south of the country, are now endeavouring to separate themselves from the new regime that is supported by the United States and the European Union and by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who have been responsible for a number of atrocities.
Similar demonstrations have been taking place across the globe:
           In the United States the United National Anti-War Coalition has organised demonstrations across the US from 9th to 26th May.
           On 15th May in Pisa, Italy, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist organisations gathered to demonstrate solidarity with “anti-fascist Ukraine” and to oppose intervention by the EU, US and Nato. Since then further protests have happened in Rome, Turin and other Italian cities.
           In Spain demonstrations in solidarity with Ukrainian anti-fascists have taken place outside the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid on 10th May and in Salamanca and Bilbao on 12th May.
           In Denmark the Peoples Movement Against Nazism of Denmark (FMN), which signed the UNAC appeal, also held a protest outside the Ukrainian Embassy in Copenhagen on 8th May.
           In Finland, the Communist League expressed its opposition to the “dangerous fascist developments” and “oppose[s] the US-EU-Nato intervention” in Ukraine.
           And in Sweden more than 100 people demonstrated in Stockholm on Victory Day — 9th May, the day the USSR defeated Germany in 1945 and ended World War II in Europe — to denounce fascism in Ukraine and link it to the struggle against resurgent fascism throughout Europe.
The RMT transport union was out in force at the London demonstration supported by members of Paddington branch RMT present with their banner.

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