Monday, November 24, 2014

For Lenin and revolutionary change!

Michael Chant and Andy Brooks deep in discussion
by New Worker  correspondent

COMRADES and friends joined millions of workers all round the world to salute the anniversary of the 10 days that shook the world, at the New Communist Party’s reception at the Party Centre in London last weekend.
The print shop WAS transformed into a bar and buffet for comrades to meet friends old and new and greet the guests who joined us on Saturday to honour the generations who fought and built the Soviet Union. 
NCP chairperson Alex Kempshall kicked off the formal part of the evening by introducing the speakers which included Michael Chant from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain, Fuzhe Yu from the embassy of the DPR Korea and NCP leader Andy Brooks.
Everyone paid tribute to the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin and Stalin, who overthrew the old order in 1917 to build the Soviet power that transformed the semi-feudal Czarist empire into a modern industrialised socialist federation, which smashed the Nazis in the Second World War and led the world until it was brought down by the revisionists and traitors who had wormed their way into the communist movement after Stalin’s death in 1953. 
But nothing can destroy the communist movement on the front-line in fighting Korea and defiant Cuba or in the people’s democracies of China, Vietnam and Laos. And nothing can destroy the world communist movement that is rallying in all five continents against the bourgeois offensive that is trying to put the burden of the capitalist slump entirely on the backs of working people.
As resistance grows the capitalists show their true face in brutal repression and open fascism which was stressed in Daphne Liddle’s appeal for the New Worker fighting fund to keep our communist press rolling. Comrades responded by putting £291.74 on the night while other donations brought in on Sunday pushed the collection up to a stomping £492!

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