Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Posadas Book Launch

By New Worker correspondent

COMRADES and friends returned to the Marx Memorial Library on Saturday 30th May  to discuss the problems of revolutionary struggle in the Third World in a seminar called by the Posadist movement as part of the launch of a book by Juan Posadas, the Argentinian Trotskyist union leader who later developed the distinct Marxist theories that now bear his name.
 Marie Lynam opened on the current relevance of Revolutionary State and Transition to Socialism, an analysis of the post-1945 anti-imperialist struggle that broke the chains of the old colonialist empires, first published in 1969, to the advances in Venezuela and other Latin American countries and the struggle against imperialism in Novorossiya.

New Commumist Party leader Andy Brooks spoke about Peronism in Argentina, which he said was: “In essence a social-democratic movement but unlike any that we are accustomed to in the heart-lands of European imperialism.”
And a Bolivian comrade opened on sweeping changes pioneered by the socialist movement led by Evo Morales today.
This was followed by a lively but friendly debate on what constitutes a “revolutionary” as opposed to simply an “anti-imperialist” state and the nature and need for the working class to build alliances for the defeat capitalism’s wars and the revolutionary transformation of the world.
Revolutionary State and Transition to Socialism by J Posadas costs £10, including postage and packing, from SCPE, Site 252, 61 Praed Street, Paddington, London w2 1NS.

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